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How does a blade impact our online shopping

Published On: June 4, 2020

I guess online shopping has been a kind of daily life habit for 90% people of you. Yes, it is not guessed, it is quite sure. Why not? We got lower prices and more choices by shopping online. But how could we know a little tiny blade has made our online shopping more convenient.

With the fast and rapid development of online shopping, more and more business industry related to online shopping have been growing quickly day by day. Such as the express delivery industry. Corrugated paper is a kind of paper that is widely used in the express delivery industry. In daily life, corrugated board is mainly used for packing boxes of various products, from the big one as refrigerators, TV, and washing machines to small stuff such as toothpaste toothbrushes, and so on.


Corrugated cardboard is the first choice for the packaging paper industry due to its thickness, firmness, and low cost. Also because it is too thick to cut, which has caused headaches to many corrugated paper manufacturers.

The multilayer corrugated paper of cardboard is too thick. Neither It is not smooth to cut with a traditional blade and there also are burrs left on the edges of the paper cutting. Nor the thick cardboard can easily damage the blade cutting edge and reduce the service life of the blade, and the maintenance cost of the traditional blade is not a small cost. Using the traditional cutting blade in a corrugated paper definitely brings a lot of operating costs for corrugated manufacturers.

Human beings have been constantly exploring and creating blades that are more suitable for the corrugated paper industry. With the advent of tungsten carbides, humans have found that their high hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance have made carbide blades 5-80 times longer than traditional blades, and 4-7 times higher in cutting speed than high-speed steel blades.


With the highest reserve of cemented carbide materials, China’s cemented carbide industry is also developing rapidly. And the total volume of our cemented carbide blades exports is constantly rising year by year. And just in the field of corrugated circular slitting blades, a series of well-known manufacturers such as Shennong Carbide Knives, Zhuzhou Mingri Cemented Carbide, Konecarbide tool, and so on have been well-known world around.

What makes the carbide knives widely used in the corrugated paper industry? Its high cutting life, and lower maintenance cost. What makes a carbide cutting tool company more outstanding is the high cutting speed, and super mirror cutting edge. Carbide blade brings more smooth and fast cutting to corrugated paper. From the long-term using effect, the carbide blades bring higher profits. A good blade makes better-corrugated paper, and higher quality corrugated paper makes online shipping more convenient for our daily life. That is how the development of tinny blades impacts our daily.


China’s Tungsten carbide blade industry is developing rapidly, and these companies which have the ability to produce higher quality and higher precious items have also been playing important roles in the world.

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