Instructions for Using Corrugated Slitting Blades

Published On: August 19, 2020

Corrugated cardboard use can date back to the end of the 18th century. In the 19th century, People found that corrugated cardboard is light and firm in performance and cheaper in price. Besides, corrugated cardboard is easy to produce and use widely. Moreover, corrugated cardboard is a recyclable environmental material that can be decomposed by nature. It can be multiple reused without affecting its performance. So it is favored by humans.

A corrugated box is a type of packaging material. It is made of corrugated cardboard through die-cutting, indentation, nailing, or sticking. A corrugated box is the most largely used packaging product at present. Corrugated cardboard always keeps the most popular packaging material on market and its consumption is always the first among various products. Not only can corrugated boxes protect commodities, convenient for stockpiling and transportation, but also can beautify and propaganda commodities. In addition, corrugated box belongs to green and environmentally product, it is conducive to environmental protection and beneficial to delivering, loading and unloading.


In the production process of corrugated boxes, their slotting and cutting link is an essential part. So to attain the result of complete slotting and cutting more efficiently, corrugated slitting blades came into use. Here we need to mention the blade automatic cutting equipment with high quality and low cost can meet our requirements more efficiently, and accurately, so carbide round corrugated slitting blades promoted the development of corrugated box manufacturing. The reason why previous manual cutting is eliminated is that it is difficult to meet our needs nowadays. Its efficiency and precision are low. Manual cutting with a high cost and complicated process will decrease the competitiveness on market.


The shape of the corrugated box is different, so the specification of carbide round corrugated slitting blades is also different. During carbide corrugated slitting blades use, the cutting angle is not the same. Corrugated Cardboard Carbide Slitting Blades are mounted on a corrugated paper cutting machine. A corrugated paper cutting machine contains a base, a blade mechanism, a brush holder, a driving mechanism, and a control module. Carbide corrugated slitting blades are composed of a blade machine, and the blade machine can be rotationally installed on the base. The driving wheel is connected with it and drives it to rotate. Tool machine has the first position state and the second position state. Corrugated Cardboard Carbide Slitting Blades are a common tool now in cutting corrugated cardboard.

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