Master from 3 Aspects — Carbide Woodworking Turning Tool

Published On: August 4, 2020


The economic and social development and the specific use of production and manufacturing indicate that wood cutting tools have become indispensable tools in modern production and manufacturing. As cemented tungsten woodworking tools meet customers’ more perfect clipping requirements, their demand is becoming more and more obvious. Super hard tools, mainly cemented woodworking tools and cemented carbide inserts, are extremely important to the clipping market.


The material properties of woodturning tools

The basic material of the square woodworking carving tool is refractory carbide, which is bonded with auxiliary metals such as cobalt and nickel and is made by cold pressing and sintering. WC-Co cemented carbide has unique advantages in both hardness and toughness. Tungsten carbide (WC) itself has a high hardness (more than corundum or alumina), and its hardness rarely decreases when the working temperature rises. However, it lacks sufficient toughness, which is essential for cutting tools. In order to take advantage of the high hardness of tungsten woodturning and improve its toughness, People use metal adhesives to bond tungsten carbide together, so the hardness of this material far exceeds that of high-speed steel, and it can withstand the forces of most cutting processes. In addition, it can withstand the high cutting temperatures generated by high-speed machining.

The purpose of tungsten carbide blades

Flat-shaped knives with blades, used for wood plane processing or cutting processing. The blades with different parameters can be installed on various machine tools to perform processing in different ways, such as planing, peeling, scraping, and shearing. Planing is used for plane processing, and the blade or workpiece generally moves in a straight line. Under certain conditions (such as reducing the cutting angle), it can cut thin wood, which is a high-quality decorative material. When peeling, the wood rotates around a fixed center, and the blade makes a continuous linear movement toward the center to cut the wood into strips of thin wood (veneers) to produce plywood. Shearing is used to cutting veneers during plywood production.


Precautions for using cemented tungsten tools

(1) Woodturning tool is a hard and brittle material, which is brittle and damaged under excessive force or some specific local stress, and has a sharp edge.

(2) Most cemented carbides use tungsten and cobalt as the main components and have a high density. They should be handled as heavy objects during transportation and storage and handled with care.

(3) Woodcutting tools have different thermal expansion coefficients. In order to avoid stress concentration and cracking, attention should be paid to welding at an appropriate temperature.

(4) If you use a coolant or dust suction device in the clipping process, for the service life of the machine tool and tool, please use the cutting fluid or dust suction device correctly.


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