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Quick-Lock Insert Moulding Knives


Konetool manufactures and supplies a full range of premium Quick-Lock insert moulding knives for Global Tooling Titan Quick-Lock Insert Moulder Cutterheads.

Material: Solid tungsten carbide

Grade: KS21T

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Quick-Lock insert moulding knives are replacement knives that are specifically designed to be mounted on the Global Tooling Titan Quick-Lock cutterhead. These knives feature a unique design that allows them to be quickly and easily locked into place with no need for any special tools. This makes it much easier and quicker to replace the knives when they become dull or damaged. Similar to router bits, Quick-Lock inserts are mainly used in the furniture making and home decoration industries, creating beautiful profiles such as door and window moldings, picture frame moldings, and surface moldings of furniture components like chair rails and table edges.

Konetool is equipped with rich experience in manufacturing shaper knives for Global Tooling’s Quick-Lock cutterheads. Our Quick-Lock knives are made from premium-quality tungsten carbide, ensuring durability and efficiency. As an ISO-certified tungsten carbide precision tooling manufacturer, Konetool has been committed to enhancing our production technology & capacity, product quality, and supply chain management, thus optimizing our product costs. As a result, our Quick-Lock insert profile knives are cost-efficient replacements for the original moulding knives of Global Tooling.

The following are some features of our Quick-Lock inserts:

  • 100% virgin WC powder;
  • Precision-engineered to provide accurate and consistent cuts;
  • Remarkable surface finish;
  • No need to resharpen;
  • Excellent durability.



GradeGrain sizeDensity (g/cm³)HRA (HRa)T.R.S (N/m㎡)Application
KS21TSubmicron14.75-14.9592.8-93.53000MDF, veneers, laminated boards


Customization & OEM:

We can also supply custom molding knives per your drawings or detailed specifications. OEM is also available. If you need customization or OEM, please feel free to contact us.



Order NO.Size (mm)
TK-P1010732x29x4.0-35° R3
TK-P1087932×21.2×4.0-35° R3
TK-P1088732×24.4×4.0-35° R3
TK-P1094530×20.4×4.0-35° R3
TK-P1094730×20.4×4.0-35° R3
TK-P1097532x25x4.0-40° R3
TK-P1099232x24x4.0-40° R3
TK-P1099732x24x4.0-40° R3
TK-P1099832×21.3×4.0-35° R3
TK-P1099932×22.8×4.0-35° R3


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