Rational discussion of the value and price of hard alloy carbide burrs for shaping

Published On: August 14, 2020


In economics, value is the significance of the merchandise, which is usually expressed by money and becomes the price. In other words, Price is the monetary expression of value. Thus, they are two concepts that are both related and distinct. That is what people often say, the higher the price, the better the quality.


Why am I talking here about the relationship between the two? I seem to be looking for trouble. Am I just wasting my saliva? or I was just wasting your time? Why is our product worth taking out of your wallet? Perhaps some people consider the ordinary one which is cheaper also works, there is no need to buy more expensive alternatives. Now, I will tell you, that is wrong.



There are many reasons I hope to tell you. Please give me a cup of coffee time, calm down, and get a comfortable chair, you might as well waste some time listening to me one by one.

The advantage is: It is an alloy of metal hard compounds. It belongs to High-tech products. The input cost is higher than general. We should be more careful to make it. We have no inadvertent error. We guarantee to give you reliable goods. Not only that, we could offer custom service for you, please let me know your details requirements. free samples are also ok, just need you to pay the shipping cost. About the lead time, Normally standard sizes have stock, if no stock, the production time is 15-20 days.

To a certain degree, pricey goods mean they must be used more times and more days. We can do a simple calculation, dividing the price by the times or days, figure out how often you use it each day, you have earned it! We must not focus on short-term investments, long-term returns are more of important.


At the same time, you can find what you want with excellent performance and strict quality assurance.

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