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Slotting Router Bits


Konetool supplies a full range of industrial-quality slotting router bits mainly for traders, wholesalers, and distributors across the world.

Type: Keyhole Router Bit, 2&4 Wing Slot Cutter Router Bit, and More.

Unsed on: Router tables, CNC routing machines

Shank: 1/4″, 1/2″

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Slotting router bits are mainly used for building various slots, covering keyholes and slot cutters. Konetool offers a full range of industrial-quality slotting router bits, more than the ones below. We use quality tungsten carbide and high-grade steel shanks to guarantee the quality and performance of our slotting router bits.

Here are some types of our slotting router bits:

Keyhole Router Bit

Keyhole router bits form hanging slots on the back of wall-hanging objects, such as picture frames.

Keyhole Router Bit


2&4 Wing Slot Cutter Router Bit

Slot cutter router bits cut slots and grooves. Konetool offers slot cutters with 2 wings or 4 wings.

2&4 Wing Slot Cutter Router Bit

Request a quote for more information (other slotting router bit types, MOQ, price, delivery) if you are interested in our slotting router bits. Our salespeople and engineers are ready to provide tailor-made solutions for you.


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