Steel Rotary File with Excellent Wearable—Improvement of cutting tools

Published On: August 12, 2020

Sometimes, carbide files are blunt and cannot be repaired, and are regarded as waste. In order to reduce this situation, increase the use potential and reduce the purchase cost, the Russian Tool Research Institute has developed a sharpening method. A general processing method for rotating any shape file with a diameter of 12-22 mm, and a sharpening device for a universal tool grinder.


Diamond grinding wheels are used to grind hard alloy grinding wheels, so the b631 fixture was developed to dress the grinding wheels. The main components of the fixture are the cross-tool holder, the rotating device, and the transmission mechanism. When fixing the grinding head on the cross, the green silicon carbide grinding wheel fixed on the main shaft of the universal tool grinder should be used. The contour of the grinding wheel should be checked with a tool microscope with an arc measuring head. The fixture is installed on the worktable. The universal grinder consists of a belt A cylinder with a rotating body and a spindle head connected with the rotating body. There is an index plate and a spring chuck on the spindle head. The chuck is equipped with a sharpened rotary file.

With the help of a universal tool grinder, the rotating burr is close to the straight teeth of the diamond wheel and grinder, and the separate teeth are graded and ground on cylindrical and conical surfaces.


When sharpening helix and straight tooth on a spherical surface, please provide an indexing plate for sharpening fixture. When the teeth on the conical, elliptical, spherical, and cylindrical surfaces of the rotary file are sharpened, the rotating body with a rotating burr will swing, and the rotating body will rotate around the axis.

The above-mentioned grinding fixture is characterized by simple structure, reliable work, and easy production. It greatly improves the efficiency of manpower and labor. It has a significant effect on the improvement of product quality and the increase of industry, that is, the improvement of production capacity and the increase of company benefits.

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