Teach you how to choose hard alloy tungsten carbide burrs from 4 aspects

Published On: August 11, 2020


Nowadays, hard alloy carbide burrs are gradually becoming more and more popular in industrial production. They can improve our labor efficiency and we have much more time to use it. In that way, if you have some need for it or you might want to know about it. Is there anything you need to pay attention to when buying? four aspects teach you how to choose it are as follows.


Choice of teeth

In the fist place, if you are choosing the teeth , you must pay attention to the margin, accuracy of products to be processed, characteristics and properties of materials. For example, you are supposed to make use of smooth tooth to fabrication workpiece with small surplus, high requirements on size, high surface finish. What’s more, It have higher requirements for product fineness.

Choice of size

In the second place, when it comes to the specification, you should base on the size of the workpiece to be machined, in addition, of course, we should also pay attention to the surplus of processed products. You have to deal with small sizes and residuals, and you have to choose small pieces.Conversely, when meet bulky size, you should use large artifacts.

Choice of tooth pattern

In the third place, in the selection of tooth shape, you are supposed to depend on the nature of the materical to be processed. For instance, using a thick teeth to treat soft materical and which can be easily processed. The close tooth is suitable for finishing products or which requires a higher degree of surface finish.

Section shape

In the last place, be sure to select the fitted shape. The rasper with end cut is fit for single face, the rasper without end cut is fit for double-faced, cylinder with round head or ball nose is fit for the two sides and corners of a right Angle.


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