Tungsten Carbide Paper Slitter Cutter blade—The Most Professional knife for cutting corrugated paper

Published On: October 26, 2020

With development of economy and convenience of transportation, express delivery industry is becoming more and more common. When you receive courier, do you sometimes feel a touch of beauty by this neat tailoring process? And thinking of doing this, paper slitter blades are essential. And its quality will directly affect quality of paper cutter, and ultimately affect entire paper cutting process. Next, I will give you a brief introduction to paper cutter blade, hoping to give you some help.

Paper cutter blade is one of important parts of paper cutter, which is widely used in cutting corrugated paper industry. Corrugated knives are used for slitting corrugated paper. Slitting is an important process in production of corrugated paper.


Mostly used in corrugated paper slitting equipment, each equipment is about 5-6 pieces, and number of blades varies according to equipment. The sharpness and service life of blade greatly affect working efficiency of paper cutter.

These blades are divided into two types: cemented carbide and high-speed tool steel (front steel), which are sharp and durable. Especially cemented carbide (tungsten steel) paper cutting blade is composite rolling and can be used for general cutting. Original crystal grain is more refined, and chipping resistance is strong. Combination of blade steel and cutter body has no defects such as transition and voids, and there is no peeling of cutting edge to ensure service life. It can cut things that are difficult to cut by ordinary blades, such as cellophane and high-gram copper paper. It enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad, and its product specifications are complete.

We need to pay attention to the following points in use:

1. Use effect and life of corrugated knife

When using automatic paper cutters, CNC paper cutters, program-controlled paper cutters and other paper cutters, paying attention to work skills can improve efficiency and service life of cutter blades.


2. Knife materials for corrugated knives

Quality of material is very important for paper cutter blade. To achieve high performance of paper cutter blade, reform of material is a critical step. Quality of paper cutter blade will not only affect performance of blade, but also affect its service life. Cemented carbide paper cutter blade is a kind of cemented carbide blade. Its service life is several times that of general blade material. Cutting material and speed range are also much better than normal. Therefore, in order to improve processing accuracy of carbide paper cutter blade, high-quality surface quality must carefully consider material selection of blade. In short, material of blade is very important to blade.
Single-piece paper cutter blade is made of high-temperature inlaid welding of blade and tblade. Blade is made of high-speed steel and blade is made of low-carbon steel. Hardness of blade of corrugated paper blade determines durability. High-quality paper cutter blades have a hardness of HRC58~60 after heat treatment.

3. Grinding angle of paper cutter blade

Corrugated knife can be reground, and angular mesh of grinding wheel has a direct effect on blade after refining.
Single-sided paper cutter blade is a single-edged blade, and blade grinding angle is ∠19°~23°. Grinding edge of this shape makes bevel surface of blade bear pressure of paper corner during cutting, and blade’s edge is quickly worn. Double-sided blade has good wear resistance, and grinding edge can reduce load of paper cutter and improve accuracy of paper cutting. When material of paper cutter blade is good, considering cutting resistance of paper, angle of grinding edge should be less than ∠19°~23°.

4.Quality of paper cutter blade grinding

When grinding blade, the higher grinding finish, the lower cutting resistance, the longer service life of paper cutter blade, and the better cutting quality.


5. Type of paper cut by paper cutter

In cutting work of paper cutter, peed of cutting edge of paper cutter blade is related to hardness of paper being cut. When paper cutter cuts paper with hard paper texture and high ash content, the blade passivation is fast, especially when cutting various high-gram coated papers.

6. Cutting speed of carbide paper cutter blade

The choice of cutting speed of carbide paper cutter blade mainly depends on material being processed, and choice of speed also depends on diameter of blade. Instructions for selecting cutting speed of carbide paper cutter blades are also available for reference.
In addition, cutting parameters of cemented carbide corrugated cutters are also affected by various factors such as machine tools, tool systems, and tool materials. It should be selected according to actual situation, and cutting speed of tungsten steel milling cutter should be selected according to experience accumulated by operator for many years.If you have any questions, you can consult our professional sales staff.

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