Tungsten Carbide Wheel for Cutting Glass cutting principle and development process

Published On: August 28, 2020

With wide application of LCD in mobile phone, tablet computer, TV and automobile, people pay more and more attention to cutting quality and efficiency of its matching processing equipment. In the production and manufacturing of LCD, in order to improve production efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost, and form large-scale batch production, it is often to make multiple LCD displays on a large glass. After screen printing, there are several groups of LCD units on glass after screen printing. These small units should be separated before liquid crystal infusion can be carried out. The cutting process is to split glass of the whole box into two groups. Monomer of liquid crystal display. At present, common cutting technologies include glass cutter wheel cutting, laser cutting and water jet cutting. Demand of Tungsten Carbide Wheel for Cutting Glass is rise now.


First of all, empty liquid crystal cell prepared in previous process is fixed on cutting table of Tungsten Carbide Glass Cutting Wheel. Cemented carbide glass cutting wheel is scratched along cutting mark on glass under a certain pressure to form a incision with the same depth and width on glass. Accuracy and speed of equipment directly affect product quality and production efficiency. Trajectory of glass cutter wheel is called cutting line. During cutting, there is a cutting mark on four corners of each group of LCD.


In cemented carbide glass cutting wheel cutting process , LED electrode surface of LCD is exposed, so display can be divided into upper and lower glass sizes. After confirming upper and lower pieces, fix glass on cutting machine platform, set cutting data (including cutting times and step distance), adjust cutting depth and cutting pressure of tungsten Carbide Glass Cutting Wheel , and make trial cutting at the edge of glass without graphics. After adjustment, batch cutting can be carried out. Principle of splitting is to apply a certain pressure on the back of glass with cutting knife marks to make the glass deform slightly and glass will crack along cutting line. For convenience of filling liquid crystal, split liquid crystal cell should be put into a special basket. After filling liquid crystal, liquid crystal box strip should be cut into liquid crystal cell unit by cutting machine.


Tungsten Carbide Wheel for Cutting Glass cutting has a history of several decades. With development of glass technology, wheel cutting technology, equipment and cutter wheel have developed. From tungsten Carbide Glass Cutting Wheel (commonly known as tungsten steel cutter wheel) for cutting ordinary flat glass and float glass, it has upgraded to ordinary diamond cutter wheel for cutting TFT-LCD panel, substrate glass, touch screen and high permeability micro tooth diamond cutter wheel.

Key of Carbide Glass Cutting Wheel cutting technology is cutting equipment, Tungsten Carbide Wheel for Cutting Glass cutting, cutter shaft and tool holder Cemented carbide glass cutting wheel is key , and cutter wheel technology develops with development of glass technology.

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