Types of Straight Router Bits

Published On: February 23, 2024

A straight router bit is a type of cutting tool used with a router to create straight cuts, grooves, and dadoes in various materials. It is characterized by its flat, straight cutting edge that extends from the bottom to the top of the bit, producing a straight profile in the material being routed. Straight bits are widely used in woodworking and carpentry as they are capable of accomplishing a range of tasks, including edge trimming, dado cutting, grooving, and joint-making, with precision and efficiency. These bits can be used with handheld routers or mounted on router tables, depending on the specific application and desired level of precision. There are several types of straight router bits: HSS bits, carbide-tipped bits, solid carbide cutting edge bits, and flush trim bits. This article aims to explain the features and applications of each type in detail.

  1. HSS straight router bits

amana hss straight router bit

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HSS straight router bits are known for their affordability and versatility. They are made from high-speed steel (HSS), featuring an excellent combination of hardness, toughness, and heat resistance. Typically, HSS straight bits have two flutes and are available in various diameters and cutting lengths. When it comes to cutting abrasive or hard materials, HSS bits may not be as durable as bits made from other materials like carbide. They are more suitable for working with softer workpieces, like wood, plastic, foam, etc.

  1. Carbide-tipped straight router bits

carbide-tipped straight router bit

Carbide-tipped straight router bits consist of a steel body with a carbide piece or tip attached to the cutting edge. The carbide tip allows for efficient cutting and extended tool life. Similar to HSS straight bits, carbide-tipped straight bits are commonly used for creating grooves, dadoes, and straight edges. However, when processing harder materials like hardwood and metal, carbide straight bits can result in a better finish compared to HSS straight bits.

  1. Solid carbide cutting edge straight router bits

solid carbide cutting edge straight router bit

More advanced than carbide-tipped straight bits, a sold carbide cutting edge straight bit features a solid carbide cutting edge that is welded to a steel shank. Sold carbide bits are designed for more complicated tasks and can work with a CNC routing machine. They are even more durable than carbide-tipped straight bits thanks to the solid carbide cutting edge.

  1. Flush trim router bits (Straight router bits with bearings)

flush trim router bit

We call it a flush trim router bit, but in fact, it is a straight router bit with bearings. The bearing can be mounted on the bottom, tip, or both sides of the bit for different tasks. Flush trim router bits are often employed in edge trimming or profiling. When working with a template, a flush trim bit can create the same shape as the template on the workpiece by using the bearing as a routing guide.

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