What is Carbide Circular Blade for Cutting Tool

Published On: September 2, 2020

Tungsten carbide circular blade is made of cemented alloy. Cemented carbide is a alloy material which made by Refractory metal compound and bonded metal. Cemented carbide covers a series of outstanding properties. For example, high hardness, great strength and toughness, nice heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Especially, hardness and wear resistance of cemented carbide unchanged even at 500℃ and even high temperature as 1000℃.

Carbide circular knife for cutting tool is also called tungsten carbide circular blade. Carbide circular blade is largely used in a variety of fields, is an essential cutting tool in industry. Characteristics of cemented carbide material itself determine importance of safe operation of cemented carbide blade for cutting tool. Please take protective measures before installing blade to prevent carbide circular blade for cutting tool from falling and causing unnecessary personal and property safety losses.


Auditory inspection

When installing tungsten carbide circular blade, please use your right index finger to carefully lift blade and hang blade in air, then tap carbide circular blade round shape with a wooden hammer, and listen to sound on blade, like a dull blade, experience It is proved that cutter body is often damaged by external force impact and there are cracks and damages. Such blades should be banned immediately. It is forbidden to use a foot cutter blade that emits a dull sound!

Blade installation

Before installing blade, please carefully clean dust, chips and other debris on mounting surface of the rotary bearing of cutting machine, and keep bearing installation surface and cutting machine clean.
1. Place carbide circular knife for cutting tool on mounting surface of bearing carefully and steadily, and turn bearing of cutting machine by hand to automatically align it with center of carbide circular blade for cutting tool.
2. Install press block on blade of foot cutter and align its bolt hole with bolt hole on bearing of foot cutter.
3. Install hexagon socket bolts, tighten screws with hexagon socket wrench to firmly install the blade on bearing.
4. After blade is installed, there should be no looseness or deflection.


Safety protection

After tungsten carbide circular blade is installed, safety shield and other protective devices on foot cutting machine must be installed in place before starting foot cutting machine and have a real protective effect ( blade workshop on the foot cutting machine should be surrounded by a safety baffle , Steel plate, rubber and other protective layers).

Operating speed

working speed of foot cutter should be limited to 4500 rpm or less. It is strictly forbidden to operate cutting machine at an excessive speed!


production efficiency

Prerequisite for production efficiency is the same safe operation. Cutting operator must follow relevant use requirements to make cutting machine blade work safely on cutting machine.

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