What is cemented carbide milling cutter

Published On: November 8, 2020


A cement carbide milling cutter is a milling cutter made of cement carbide. A milling cutter refers to a rotating cutter with one or more teeth in the mill. While working, each cutter tooth cuts the border of the workpiece in sequence and obstruction. It is mainly used for forming planes, steps, grooves, surfaces, and cutting workpieces in milling machines, and is widely used in modern industrial areas.

And cutter head of cemented carbide milling cutter is surrounded by the circle of the teeth, multi-Carbide milling is equivalent to the individual teeth of the revolving millstone and surrounded by cemented together, the surface is of iron, fixed with iron nails is a very effective way for the process. There are several types of milling cutters, which have diverse structures, and a wide range of applications. In these uses, it can not be divided into three classes, which are stone cutters in the milling processing flat, milling to be hewers in the processing of grooves, and which are stone cutters in the milling processing of formed surfaces.

When the welding Carbide milling cutter rotates in the operation of the equipment (for the particular movement) and moves the workpiece (for feed movement), the workpiece can exist only in the process of rotating equipment (perfect motion at the beginning of the movement of feed). Milling machine tools for the cutter include the use of milling, milling machines, or vertical machines, as well as a large portal milling machine. These machine tools for cutters can be ordinary machine tools and CNC machine tools. Milling is usually carried out on a milling machine or a boring machine for processing planes, grooves, forming various surfaces (such as keys flour milling, or the consequences for years now), and special shapes and forms.

 Features and characteristics of milling cutters

Each tooth of the carbide milling cutter is involved in periodic cutting.

The cutting thickness of each tooth will change during the cutting process.

Feed per tooth af (mm / tooth) shows the relative movement of the workpiece within the period of time that the cutter rotates one tooth.


Classification and Application of cemented carbide milling cutter

Cemented carbide milling cutters are divided into many types due to their different shapes and use. Here are several main types.

Carbide cylindrical cutter:

used for the horizontal mill processing plane. The teeth are distributed around the cutter circumference and are divided into straight teeth and spiral teeth according to the tooth profile. Due to the number of teeth, it is divided into thick teeth and fine teeth. The helical cutter with thick teeth has few teeth, high height, and large space for chips, suitable for rough machining; the fine-tooth cutter is suitable for finishing.

Carbide faces milling cutter:

Used for vertical milling machines, vertical milling machines, or portal milling machines. It has teeth on the end face and circumference and thick, fine teeth. There are three types of structures: integers, inserts, and indexing.

Carbide end mill:

Used for groove and stepped surface processing. The teeth are on the circumference and end face and cannot be axially transported during operation. If the workpiece has teeth that pass through the center, it can be traversed axially.

Cemented tungsten carbide cutter:

Used for machining various grooves and stepped surfaces, with teeth on both sides and periphery.

Carbide shoulder milling cutter:

Used to cut a groove at a certain angle, there are two types of single and double angle knives.

Carbide Saw Blade Cutter:

Used for machining deep grooves and cutting workpieces, with more circumferential teeth. To reduce friction during the milling process, the two sides of the tool have a secondary tilt of 15 ‘~ 1 °.


In addition, there are still other types of cemented carbide milling cutters, such as Keyway milling cutter, dovetail milling cutter, T-slot milling cutter, and various forming tools. By the way, Konetool provides a number of cemented carbide milling cutters of high quality, and we can also customize them according to your drawings. If you have any questions about cemented products, you can contact us online.

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