Reasonable Prices for Industrial Slitter Blades

Published On: June 28, 2020

Different manufacturers offer different prices

Nowadays, there are many types of industrial slitter blades on the market that are widely used in various industries, such as papermaking, printing, cigarettes, electrical appliances, prevention, carton, food, rubber, leather, plastic, etc. The global demand for cemented carbide slitting knives in various manufacturing industries is very large and is increasing rapidly. When you are facing a wide variety of carbide tools, have you been picky? Not to mention the very same size tool, multiple manufacturers offer different prices, which makes you even more confused. Most people regard them as more expensive carbide slitter blades as more high quality, and the cheaper the blade is, the lower the quality and precision will be. But have you ever thought about if the price is suitable for you? So for a starter who has just entered the cemented carbide industry, which price point is the most suitable one for choosing an industrial machine blade?


What price should you take?

1. If you just need to cut with a carbide blade, the price of 10-30 US dollars is already more appropriate.

2. If you are a person who requires a high-precision cutting, then you can choose to buy a blade of about 60-80 US dollars

3. If your factory belongs to a machinery manufacturing, then you will have higher requirements for the quality of knives, and tools with a price of 100-200 US dollars that will meet your needs.

So, if you just need one blade in higher quality and precision for cutting, the carbide slitter blades’ price ranging from 60-80 US dollars will be your best choice. Tools with the price of 100-200 US dollars are just a kind of a waste for you, isn’t it?

Each manufacturer determines the final price according to various factors, such as the ratio of raw materials, sintering, grinding, cutting tolerance, and other factors. Therefore, it is reasonable that the prices of knives produced by each manufacturer are quite different from each other. There are reasons for being expensive, and there are reasons for being cheap either.

According to your personal needs, the workpiece you need to process, and your requirements for accuracy all determine the final price you should choose.

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