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Finger Joint Cutters


Konetool manufactures and supplies TCT finger joint cutters for the furniture-making industry.

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Finger joint cutters are spare parts for woodworking machinery, such as comb machines and tenoning machines. Konetool manufactures premium finger joint cutters from micro-grain tungsten carbide and high-grade steel. Our TCT finger joint cutters feature accurate and clean cuts without any burrs and excellent durability.

If you are interested in our TCT finger joint cutters, please request a quote for further information (MOQ, price, delivery, etc). Our salespeople and engineers are ready to provide the most cost-efficient solutions for you.

Applications: Softwood, hardwood, plywood, laminates, veneer, composites, etc

Machines: Finger joint machines, comb-type mortising machines, spindle shapers, comb butt mortise machines, automatic finger joint assemblers, and finger shapers.



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