Woodworking Tool Series: Sliding Table Saws

Published On: August 30, 2020

People who like to do woodworking must be familiar with the sliding table saw, which is one of the best assistants in furniture DIY work. Altendorf, you must have heard this name. It is a world-renown woodworking machinery brand. And if you have ever bought something from its website, you can find an introduction: The story of the success of Altendorf is the success of a machine: the sliding table saw.


Wilhelm Altendorf, the originator of the Altendorf company, invented the sliding table saw in 1906.

It has been more than 100 years since its invention, no matter its traditional sliding table saw or  CNC sliding table saw, its basic structure changes little.

The main structure of the sliding table saw is composed of a sliding table, a working table, a cross gauge ruler, a slip board seat, the main saw, a groove saw, and so on. Its main machine part includes the machine body, working table, guide plate, main saw, the line saw, transmission, and many other parts. Its structure and working principle are similar to a common circular saw machine, and sliding table saws for woodworking can be used as a common circular saw machine.


According to the short introduction above, there are two features of the sliding table saw we should talk about. First one is that sliding table saw are loaded with two blades. They are line saw blades and main saw blades. When cutting, line saw should be launched in advance. It can cut a groove that is a little wider and deeper. By doing this, we can prevent the edges of the main saw blades from breaking. The other feature is that line saw blades and main saw blades are stationary. To cut your project, you need to push forward the moving table with your hands. Because of the special structure of the guide rail of the moving workbench, it is light and easy to be moved with your own hands. What’s more, machining precision is very high.

As technology developing, we need to deal with a large number of woods or boards in a short time. So circular saw blades should also be upgraded. As we know, the body of sliding table saw is usually made up of steel, but its saw tips are not. We have many different tips made up of different materials. Totally speaking, saw blade tips made up of carbide have better properties than other tips. It has longer service life, higher hardness, better wear resistance and better corrosion resistance.


We provide different types of carbide saw blades and carbide tips, so if you have any demands, just contact us.

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