How To Select Corrugated Carbide Circular Blades?

Published On: August 26, 2020

Cemented carbide circular blade of corrugated slitting machine is mostly produced high-speed paperboard production line. Tungsten carbide circular slitter blade use of slitting machine greatly improves the quality of paperboard. So the selection of enough corrugated slitting machine blades and their supporting consumables is particularly important, its goodwill directly affects the quality and output of finished paperboard, which is the top priority.


When purchasing corrugated carbide circular blades, it depends on the state of the slitter machine. For some old and worn-out Slitter equipment, we suggest selecting carbide blades of front steel.

Due to equipment of old slitting machine is usually not satisfied with the required accuracy of Tungsten carbide circular slitter blade. A low-speed line machine is large too, so there is no need to choose high-speed steel slitting machine round blade, chrome steel slitting machine round blade also has better cost performance, more suitable for those single machines with a small workload.

For manufacturers with good equipment, of course, cemented carbide circular slitter blade is the best choice. It has an ultra-long service life and short grinding time, thus greatly reducing the number of downtime and tool changes during the production process, saving time and labor, and greatly reducing production costs.


Cutting round blade grinding wheel is a resin combined grinding wheel, which is characterized by good self-sharpening, less heat, high surface finish, sharpness, and high grinding efficiency. The important raw material of grinding wheel for grinding tool steel thin knife is cubic boron nitride (CBN). The main raw material of grinding wheel for cemented carbide thin cutter is “Emery” (JR), which is called diamond wheel.

To distinguish the material of those two carbide circular blades from the appearance is difficult. Different materials have different uses. They are not replaceable. The color of the round blade grinding wheel of the slitting machine has little effect on the grinding effect of the grinding wheel. It is only an auxiliary tool.
At present, Cemented carbide circular blades of corrugated slitting machines in China are generally green, black, and iron red. Due to the difference in raw materials, formula, and process, the color of the tungsten carbide circular slitter blade produced by different manufacturers have a certain difference, but their application result is basically the same.

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