Improvement Points of Cemented Carbide Rotating File for Metal

Published On: August 17, 2020

As a Chinese old saying goes, good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job. Rotary file is of great importance on metal processing and mechanized production. It is quite useful in many areas. How to boost cutting force and prolong use effectively? It is a momentous task in machinery and hardware business.

The most commonly used material is YG6, YG8 and YG10X.

General shape and corresponding models are cylindrical shape: type A

Cylinder with cutting: type B

Cylinder with ball nose: type C

Spheroid: type D

Other models: E,F,G,H,L,M,N,T, etc.


Compared with developed countries, we still have some gaps. The quality grade is inferior to that of developed countries, we can not get a good price. German materials are better. There remains the problem of welding. Some enterprises lack cash for CNC machining equipment. The geometric Angel of the blade, tooth form and tolerance of precision are not enough.

How to boost quality grade of our country and the competitive power of our product?

In theory, the teeth of general file is made up of straight lines and carves, either it is very hard to process or the blade teeth are weak.

Now, combined with our work experience, we are going to seek out a blade teeth, which is easy to produce into shapes, and has a certain strength.

1) Make a breakthrough in the material: the hardness is above HRC88, as hard as possible.

2) Have good toughness under vibration conditions to prevent rupture generating.

3) Assure the performance of cutting and grinding at high temperatures.

4) Good process performance. The material is required to have good machining properties. So as to make rotary file easier.

5) The geometry of the teeth must be right, not allowed to appear burrs and cracks on surface.

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