A Summary of Cemented Carbide Circular Cutting Blades

Published On: August 18, 2020

As an important tool discovered in 1923, cemented carbide circular cutting tools have been more than eighty years. Through long development, cemented carbide circular cutting tools are relatively complete and they have also differentiated into several species such as corrugated slitter blades, cigarette filter cutting blades, textile rotary blades, and more. Humans’ history cannot be separated from the development of tools, and cutting tools have covered the main part. Cemented carbide circular cutting tools are very common in our daily, it is largely used in industrial automotive machines.


The development of circular slitting machine knives is very important in the history of human advancement. Cemented carbide circular blades are an essential tool for industrial applications. When cutting tools appeared in 21th -28th century BC in China, it means great progress in human history.


At that time, the cutting tools were made from high carbon tool steel, and the allowable cutting speed was as low as about 5m/min. In 1868, Moshet in England made alloy tool steel containing tungsten. In 1898, American Taylor and white invented high-speed steel. In 1923, Schlerter of Germany invented cemented carbide. When the alloy is used, the cutting speed of the tool is increased to about 8m/min, and the cutting speed is increased by more than twice when using high-speed steel. While cemented carbide circular cutting tools were used, the cutting speed was increased more than two times than the use of high-speed steel. Besides, the surface quality and dimensional precision of the workpiece processed are also improved greatly.


After a series of development, the cutting tools now are largely used in industries and their cutting speed has obviously improved. In order to save costs, the welding and mechanical clamping structure of cutting tools came into being. There are many kinds of carbide circular blades now, including tungsten carbide disc blank, woodturning tools, and other cemented carbide circular saw blades.

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