The Reason to Choose Our Carbide Inserts For Wood

Published On: August 14, 2020

Woodworking insert knives have become the standard matching knives for woodworking machines in Europe and America.


But dealing with the traditional flat knife may put you in the following troubles:

1. Burning of the cutting edge: when the cutting edge is worn or the feed is temporarily stopped, the cutting heat will produce burn marks on the cutting surface.

2. Tool passivation and stability: The increase in tool temperature increases the temperature of the cutting edge and increases the passivation speed of the tool, and the uneven temperature distribution of the tool body will cause the tool to lose its original stability.

3. Cutting that is prone to tearing: the flat blade has a large force area during cutting, which is easy to form cutting deformation, and there are relatively large signs of damage on the wood. The cutting surface cannot meet the requirements of being flat and smooth.

4. Difficult chip removal: The wood chips after cutting with the flat knife are large. In the central integrated system, the oversized wood chips cannot be discharged in real-time, resulting in the processed wood chips affecting the processing quality.

5. Reduction of alloy hardness: Under the operation of high-temperature welding flat knife blades, it is easy to reduce the alloy hardness and greatly reduce the service life of the tool.


The design principle of the carbide inserts for wood improves the disadvantages of the above flat cutter and increases the convenience of the cutting:

1. Spiral blade surface: Improve the bad situation of blade burn and the tear-type blade mark caused by a flat knife.

2. Fast heat dissipation: some blades are made of aluminum alloy blade body, which indicates the stability and service life of the blade.

3. The wood chips are extremely small: the wood chips formed by spiral cutting per unit time are extremely small, and it is easy to discharge the wood chips away from the wood surface in the central integrated system.

4. Less noise: the noise value generated when the surface of the wood and the flat knife touch the surface of the wood at the same time is relatively low about 70%

Advantages of high-quality cemented carbide inserts for wood

Superfine particle cemented carbide grade, high toughness, and high strength.

The product size passes through 3 passes worker self-inspection, patrol inspection, and film inspection before leaving the factory to ensure an ultra-high accuracy level to ensure that the workpiece is as fine as a mirror and to avoid tearing and cutting.

Can be used for woodworking double-sided planing, four-sided planing, vertical shaft machine, copying machine

Applicable materials: solid wood, plywood, MDF, acrylic, etc.

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