The Shapes of carbide indexabe woodwork knife and the usage

Published On: June 23, 2020

The carbide indexable inserts knives are widely used in woodturning, planing, trimming, profiling, grooving, hollowing, and so on. But different inserts with different shapes and different numbers of the hole may vary with each other a lot in usage and performance in woodworking. May we take a brief of our indexable carbide inserts knives for you for a better and more detailed view of our tools.


Round Inserts for Wood Turning

The round Carbide woodwork knife is sharpened on diamond wheels and offers smooth finishes on concave surfaces and hollowing jobs. We provide the general specification of R- Φ8.9*1.85mm with 30°, R- Φ12*2.5mm with 30°, R- Φ15*2.5mm with 30°, and R- Φ16*3mm with 30°.


Triangle Straight

We offer the Triangle straight carbide insert in the standard size of 22x19x2mm 30° and 22.9×19.8×2.5mm 30°. It applies to the spiral planer cutter head, and wood lathe Tools. Ideal for processing on curved, concave surfaces, hollowing jobs, and common turning

Rectangular inserts -Two Holes two sided

Rectangular Reversible Knives-Two Holes apply to different kinds of cutter heads and spiral planning cutters as grooving cutters, multifunctional cutters, planing cutters, and so on. It is available for softwood, hardwood, MDF, solid-surface, and micro-finish processing.

Two-sided one hole carbide Rectangular Inserts

Rectangular Replacement woodwork knife is made of K07 solid carbide with one countersink hole and 2 reversible cutting edges This knife applies in model planer-single, double and all-round, edge banding machine and vertical machine, etc.

Designed for numerous spiral/helical planer cutter head systems.

Goes for wood, chipboard, plywood, and MDF/HDF processing.

Groove Shape Cutter

The Carbide Insert Groove Shape Cutter is used for grooving, planing, shaping, and doweling. It is available for processing on softwood, hardwood, MDF, solid wood, and so on.

Diamond shape cutter for Woodturning

The Woodturning inserts of Diamond Shape are designed for the primary purpose of doing the small intricate work and cutting final details on your projects such as small coves and beads on both spindle and bowl work. The woodturning tools are also very handy for cutting chuck tenons and making inside reverse angle cuts for inside chucking bowls with dovetail jaws.


Radius Face and Round Edge Inserts

The carbide Radius Face and Round Edge Insert have four indexable cutting edges, which are sharpened to a razor edge with a slight curve of 50mm, 100mm, and 150mm. They are applied in a spiral planer cutter in joint and planer machines.

Radius Corner Reversible Insert

The inserts with a small corner are used for spiral cutter head or helical planer cutter in joint and planer machine. The radius corner design has effectively avoided scratch on the wood surface.

Indexable inserts- Straight Hole

We offer one straight hole indexable insert knives in dozens of standard sizes, like the size of 12x12x1.5, 17x17x2.0, and so on. The knife has four cutting edges applying to the spiral planer cutter head and helical planer cutter. All standard insert knives are available in abundant stock.

To get a general view to help you better choose what you what upon on the workpieces you will process on.

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