The Technology of Diamond Cemented Tungsten Carbide Rotary File

Published On: August 18, 2020

Changes in mode

Until the mid-1980s, most of the workpiece was manufactured by hand. Along with the evolution of computer numerical control technology day by day, automated machines started to popularize. They can rely on sculpturing the burr form of any groove, simult

generously, they acclimatize themselves to specific requirements for cutting through end finishing. At present, the carbide burrs made by computerized numerical control machine tool is second to none.


New mode: CNC machine machining

The carbide burrs made by numerical control machine tool possess high stability as the depth of the slot, width of the rebate, the concentration ratio of the notch, the angel of the blade, the spiral angle, and so on.

Abrasion wheel file and super steel can not be compared to the hard alloy rotary file whose machined hardness may reach approximately HRC 70. There is no flying dust and high processing efficiency.

Our superiority: concern about quality, excelsior

Our firm brings in CNC tool grinder detectors and other equipment from developed countries. We hammer at high-quality and internationally competitive conglomerates. We own a piece of mature research, a development group and management team in China, and a steady supply chain.

We use the stable and high-quality hair embryo of the knife head. Keep a sense of quality gate from raw material. Take advantage of high-strength penetration welding and special fiber welding sheet. Employ heat treatment method. The product is superior to its peers in fracture resistance and red toughness.


Enterprises have had advanced automated assembly line production equipment, and sound detection equipment, but also have a number of highly qualified scientific and technical personnel.

We have been going well in the wood processing field, focusing on the carbide supply chain integration. Make perfection more perfect. We have got a good reputation in the foreign market.

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