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Industrial Razor Blades

Konetool supplies premium industrial razor blades for the converting industry.

Material: Solid tungsten carbide

Grade: TF25, GS25, GS28

Type: 3-hole razor blades and slotted blades

Application: Thin film and foil slitting

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For the film slitting industry, efficiency, sharpness, durability, and accuracy are the decisive factors that determine productivity. Industrial razor blades are widely used in film slitting. Countless companies apply razor slitter blades in the production of their final products.

Higher quality film slitter blades can result in cleaner cuts and produce less dust, thus ensuring premium quality of final products. While poor-quality industrial razor blades will cause corrugations in the edges, rendering the film unusable.

Konetool manufactures top-quality industrial razor blades with micro-grain tungsten carbide. Compared to steel razor blades, carbide razor blades are more durable and wear-resistant, thus greatly increasing productivity. We provide both standard and custom sized 3 hole razor blades and slotted blades for a wide range of applications. Our full CNC production lines and rigorous quality inspection processes guarantee the quality of each carbide razor blade.

Konetool Industrial Razor Blades Features:

  • 100% virgin WC powder;
  • Outstanding sharpness and accuracy;
  • Extended service life;
  • Varied sizes and grades are available;
  • Single edge and double edge;
  • Customization services.



Konetool GradeGrain SizeDensity (g/cm³)Hardness (HRa)T.R.S (N/m㎡)


If you are interested in our industrial razor blades, please do not hesitate to request a free quote for further information (MOQ, price, delivery). If you need custom specifications, please send us your drawings, samples, or detailed sizes. Our salespeople and engineers are ready to provide tailor-made solutions for you.


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